A Series of Doodles

So I haven’t done a lot of art this term. But I have forced myself to at least do some quick doodles every now and then.


Pretty obvious what this doodle is about. I drew this while live streaming the election. I was practicing drawing something that is moving, which was Trump as he gave a speech. 


This is a self portrait. I wanted to see whether I could draw a cartoon of myself that people would actually recognise that it is me. I was also testing myself by drawing from memory and not from a photo.


An icecream. Inspired, of course, by a short film I am editing for school; ‘The Powder Room’ directed by Claire Foley.


I have become obsessed with drawing lots and lots of dots to fill in space or create outlines recently. You’ll probably see this in my other doodles.


I guess this is a big brain-spew of things I was thinking about. I also insulted my drawing skills and creativity in this doodle probably because I have been annoyed at myself for not doing a lot of art recently. I really enjoy drawing words in different fonts. I quite like how this doodle has layers of hidden meanings though.


I drew this after watched a Ted talk by Tavi Gevinson when she was 16. It was about feminism, which is always a interesting topic to listen to.


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